We meet at your dealership for initial funding so you don't have to leave your lot.
Dealers Finance account representatives make weekly visits to your lot for add-ons and pay-offs. 
Floorplan financing available at the majority of auctions throughout the southeast.
Qualified used car dealers can have a line of credit set-up within one week.
Floorplan financing available for 100% of the purchase price and all auction fees.
Vehicle floorplanning is allowed within 30 days from the purchase date.
Advances on vehicles acquired outside of auctions will be based on either the actual purchase price or the average Black Book value with all adds and deducts including mileage.

Floorplan Financing Programs

     The Platinum Program

Great floorplan financing program for the Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH) dealer
Flexible rate structure
No floor check fees, insurance fees, or overnight fees
Only pay for the actual number of days of floorplanning used
Administration fee not due until the vehicle is sold or is removed from credit line
Account executives provide routine visits to the used car dealership for funding and/or title pay-offs

     The Gold Program

The only no-fee floorplan financing program in the industry
Competitive rates as low as $.80 per day per $1,000
Great program for used car dealers with quick inventory turnaround
No add-on fees, no off fees, no administration fees, no monthly fees, no floor check fees, no insurance fees, no sign up fees and no overnight fees
Only pay for the actual number of days of floorplanning used, whether it's six days or three months
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Floorplan Financing
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What is floorplan financing?
Floorplan financing is asset-based funding that is provided to automobile dealers to acquire additional inventory with the loan being retired as the items are sold.
What are the details for the Dealers Finance no-fee floorplan?
The Gold Program offers no-fees on floorplan financing for dealers with high turnover rates for vehicle inventory. The program charges for only the time used and offers competitive financing rates as low as $.80 per day per $1,000.
What does it mean that Dealers Finance has flexible rate structures?
We respect hard working dealers by offering flexible rate structures and payment terms based on individual dealer requests. Contact an Account Executive for more details on flexible payment terms.
What is Dealers Capital?
Dealers Capital is a sister company to Dealers Finance that offers car note financing for Buy Here Pay Here auto dealerships. Click here for more information.

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