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Dealer Services - Inventory Financing Programs

The Platinum Program:

Great floorplan program for the Buy Here Pay Here dealer
Flexible rate structure
No floor check fees, insurance fees, or overnight fees
Only pay for the actual number of days floorplanned
This plan allows for up to 120 days of financing - sixty days initially with two extensions of thirty days
Administration fee not due until the vehicle is sold or is removed from credit line
Account executives provide routine site visits for funding and/or title pay-offs
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The Gold Program:

The only no fee floorplan in the industry
Competitive rates as low as $.80 per day per $1,000
Great program for quick inventory turnaround
No add-on fees, no off fees, no administration fees, no monthly fees, no floor check fees, no sign up fees and no overnight fees
Pay for the actual time you use the floorplan, whether it's 6 days or 60 days
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