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(ATLANTA, GA) - January 9, 2008

We are pleased to announce that on Thursday, November 1st, Cheryll Hoyt joined Dealers Finance at the front desk answering dealer phone calls. And on Monday, November 19th Barbara Franklin was brought on board as a member of the accounts receivable team. We are proud to have both of them on the Dealers Finance team.


(ATLANTA, GA) - October 15, 2007

   Dealers Finance is proud to announce Jeff Hudgins as Business Development Manager.

Jeff Hudgins

We are pleased to announce that on Monday October 15th, Jeff Hudgins joined Dealers Finance as the business development manager for Atlanta and the surrounding Georgia market. Jeff has years of car industry experience in both sales & finance. He has worked for Alex Automotive, the Cummins Automotive Group and Fayette Imports. We are proud to have Jeff on the Dealers Finance team.


(ATLANTA, GA) - September 3, 2007

  Dealers Finance is proud to announce Ashley Phillips as Sales Manager.

Ashley joined our staff in June of 2006 as the Business Development Manager for Georgia. In his new position as Sales Manager he is responsible for all sales and marketing activity for Dealers Finance. For over 28 years Ashley has had a variety of lending responsibilities with Westinghouse Credit Corporation and Chrysler First. Additionally, he was the VP of Sales in the Inventory Finance Group for Bank of America. Ashley's experience in the automotive industry is both broad and deep. We are proud to have him as part of our team.


(ATLANTA, GA) - March 15, 2007

  Dealers Finance is proud to welcome Lisa Hindsley and Jodi Gravitt.

Lisa is our Accounting Manager. She handles all floorplans originating through the auction. She has an extensive background in human resources in the hotel industry.

Jodi is in charge of customer service at the front office. She insures that every customer leaves with a smile on his face! Prior to working with us, she honed her skills in the purchasing department of an art supply company in mid-town Atlanta.


(ATLANTA, GA) - September 22, 2006

Dealers Finance's Jermaine Shuler

  Dealers Finance is proud to welcome Jermaine Shuler.

Jermaine joined our team on September 1st and is the business development manager for the Carolinas. He has held positions in the retail financing industry over the past 11 years for Ford Motor Credit Company and Auto Credit of Charlotte as a Dealer Account Manager and Marketing Representative, respectively. Jermaine has managed floor plan accounts for large franchise dealers in the Charlotte, NC area for the past eight years.


Dealer Tips

  Dealer management software can increase your bottom line.

Running a used car dealership can be difficult if you don’t have the right resources and tools at your disposal. These days there are many companies offering products and services designed to help the used car dealer. If you haven’t taken a good look at dealer management software, now may be a great time to do so.

There are many reasons to use dealer management software, but first and foremost you need it to make sure your dealership is always on the right side of the law. This software provides the latest forms and contracts you need to keep your dealership legal. It also provides programs designed to keep track of your customers, cash reporting compliance procedures as well as crosschecking capabilities with the U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC). OFAC requires used car dealerships to adhere to the SND list (also known as the Terrorist List) to monitor individuals who are restricted from doing business with U.S. businesses or whose assets are frozen.

There’s no doubt that by choosing a good dealer management software company you can rest assured you have what you need to be compliant. Did you know that dealer management software can also play a vital role in giving you a clear financial picture of your dealership?

“ Don’t overlook the power of information – dealer management software helps you to be proactive by analyzing trends so you can fine tune your business,” says Michael Frazer, President of Frazer Computing “It helps you make better decisions so you can make more money.”

In order to quickly adjust to market changes you need access to reliable, local information about your dealership. A good dealer management software package can provide you with information such as your biggest profit per day by vehicle make and model in the last quarter. Armed with that data you can make sure to only buy the vehicles that are selling for the biggest profit on your lot. Over time you can also spot trends in your local market regarding vehicle colors, makes and models.

We all know how important it is to get it done right the first time. As a small business owner there’s very little room for error. Dealer management software can help the used car dealer tremendously. It’s not only a tool that will help you get your work done quickly; dealer management software can also help you run your business more effectively.

By David Ozyp,



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