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Frequently Asked Questions

What amount of floorplan line do you normally approve?
We have floorplan lines ranging for $50,000 up to 1,000,000.
Is there a minimum/maximum vehicle flooring amount?
The minimum amount per vehicle is $1,000 / maximum amount per vehicle $35,000 (approval is required for > $35K).
How long do I have to be in business?
Minimum of one year, however we will take into consideration previous automotive experience and financial strength.
What vehicles are not included in the flooring program?
Vehicles over 10 years old and or mileage in excess of 175,000 require management approval, salvage units, damaged vehicles, RV’s, boats, heavy-duty trucks, trailers, motorcycles and other power sport vehicles.
Which auctions accept your floorplan?
Click here or on the auction tab above for a complete list of approved auctions.
What are your floorplan programs?
Our floorplan programs are tailor made to fit the unique and individual needs of our dealers. Please contact us at our toll free number 1.800.205.6221 or click here for the name and contact information of the Rep that handles your area. We will be happy to schedule a time to answer any questions you have.
What if I just started my business?
We have provided floorplan lines to start-up dealerships with dealers that have had previous automotive experience and supporting financial information.
Who do I call for any other questions?
Please contact us at our toll free number 1.800.205.6221, we will be happy to answer any questions.
What is the cost to apply?
There is no cost to apply.
Which documents do I need to get approved?
Please contact the sales rep in your area for further details.
How long does it take to know if I have been approved?
Once all the information is submitted, a credit decision takes only a few days.
How easy is it to get approved?
We approve a high percentage of applicants. Approval is based on several factors about your dealership; some key areas include personal credit scores, number of years in business, cash flow and your dealership debts in relation to your assets.
How do I floor a unit with Dealers Finance?
When you purchase at any of the approved locations, the auction will have your credit availability at the counter ready for you to floor.
Can I purchase a vehicle outside of the auction and floor it WITH Dealers Finance?
Yes, we also floor units that are purchased outside of the auction. We can floor up to 100% of the average Black Book Value + adds.
Where are my titles?
Wherever you buy within the USA, all titles for vehicles that are floored with Dealers Finance will be housed at our Roswell, Georgia Office.
Is there a title release fee?
Dealers Finance does not charge a title release fee.
Are there lot audits?
Yes, conducted by our own employees. We never outsource our audits to a 3rd party.

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Through our floor plan programs, we provide you with consistent, flexible and predictable financial support to help you grow your business.