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  • We Build Relationships!

We are the Cash Flow Friendly Lender within the floorplan financing industry:

  • NO curtailments
  • NO floor fees when flooring an auction purchased unit
  • NO site visit inspection fees
  • NO overnight shipping or FEDEX charges
  • Non-Auction purchases at 100% of average Black Book [by fax or at your lot]
  • Daily rate per vehicle [you only pay for the number of days the vehicle is floored]
  • Flexibility with Contracts in Transit
  • Trade-in program
  • 24 hour funding

You are not an account number to us and will never be treated as one.

  • Personalized service to you and your organization.
  • We will answer the phone when you call.
  • We work with you and for you.
  • We will never ACH money out of your bank account without your authorization.

Through our floorplan programs, we provide you with
consistent, flexible and predictable financial support to help you grow your business