Dealers Finance provides financial support to hundreds of independent used car dealers in the southeast US. We provide flexible credit lines from $50,000 to $1,000,000 and offer a variety of floorplan financing programs specifically geared to the needs of the independent used car dealer. Our Gold Plan is the industry's only no-fee floor plan and offers rates as low as $.80/day per $1,000 financed. Additionally, our Accelerated Money Plan, (AMP) helps Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH) dealers better manage their cash flow with 12-month advances and funding up to 95% of the payments purchased.

Based in Georgia, we have been serving independent used car dealers for over thirteen years. No one offers better customer service than Dealers Finance. Our account representatives make weekly visits to customers to assist them with outside buys and payoffs.

With Dealers Finance you have a friend in the finance business.

The Dealers Finance Mission

We like being the friend in the finance business. It's what makes us different from other floorplan lenders. As a company, we believe that excessive fees drive up the cost of what most independent dealers ultimately pay for their floor plan financing. We will never charge dealers for overnight shipping expenses or for site floorcheck visits. And we proudly offer the industry's only no-fee inventory financing plan, the Gold Plan. In addition we have created our programs to be flexible and customized to the specific needs of growing dealerships. Simply put, we are a local lender managed by friendly, local people.

Quick facts:

Dealers Finance works with dealers in the following states: Georgia, Florida, South Carolina and North Carolina
Dealers Finance has been working with independent used car dealers for over thirteen years
We offer the floorplan finance industry's only no-fee floorplan, called the Gold Plan
Partial note funding is available for up to 95% of the gross value of the note
Account representatives make weekly visits to our customers for outside buys and payoffs
Unlike some of our competitors, we provide floorplan financing programs for all vehicles not just those units that come from the auction
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  Field Support
  Our Account Executives provide dealer support during weekly site visits where you can pay for floorplanned vehicles you have sold and add new units to your floorplan. Your vehicle titles and Dealers Finance payments are sent via overnight delivery at no cost to you.
  AE Names and Territories:
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