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Great floorplan financing benefits
Dealers Finance is proud to offer auto dealers the following special benefits:

1. Reduce curtailments from 20% to actual Black Book value

2. Add non-auction vehicles at 100% of Black Book average, not at 80% like the other guys

3. Eliminate fees for sending titles overnight

4. Never pay for site visits and car lot checks

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Increase cash flow with a floorplan finance program

We like being the friend in the floor plan finance business. It's what makes us different from other auto floorplanning companies. We believe that excessive fees unfairly drive up the cost of car dealer floorplan financing. So we will never charge for overnight shipping expenses or for site floorchecks. We are also proud members of the GIADA, the NIADA, the CIADA and the FIADA. Plus we also offer the industry's only no-fee floorplan, the Gold Program.
With Dealers Finance you have a friend in the floorplan finance business. 
(ATLANTA, GA) - August 2, 2008
Please join us in congratulating Ashley Phillips in his new position as President of Dealers Finance. Ashley assumed his new role after the retirement of Mike Wynne in June 2008. Mike has played an integral role in the success of Dealers Finance. We all wish him good health and happiness in his retirement.
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Auto floorplanning questions

Question : What is floorplan financing?

Answer: Also known as inventory financing, floorplan financing is asset-based funding that is provided to automobile dealers to acquire additional inventory with the loan being retired as the items are sold.

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